What is Koinōnia (Coin-o-NEE-uh; Coy-no-NEE-uh)?

During Koinōnia at FreeWay we sit at tables in small groups and along with a message also spend time sharing with each other. The worship is more laid back. Many Sundays we also have food after the service to continue fellowship with one another. 

Koinōnia Sunday is the second Sunday of every month. 

Although there is no one English word that captures the full meaning of koinōnia, its common English translations are “sharing,” “partnership,” and most importantly, “fellowship.”

Koinōnia is three-fold. It is positional, “reflecting our bonding to Jesus by faith” (Revell, 379). Our union with Jesus gives us the power to walk out our Christianity. It is experiential, describing, “the believer’s experience with Christ” (Revell, 379). This use of koinōnia teaches that total honesty is key to living in partnership with our holy God. Finally, koinōnia is relational. Used to describe Christians relationships with other Christians, the relational use of koinōnia is indicative of a loving, close-knit community. Koinōnia is never passive; its meaning carries an implication of action and demonstration.

“In the Greek-speaking world, koinōnia was sometimes used to describe an ideal secular society in which harmony and good will reign,” (Revell, 380).While this ideal will most likely never be realized in the world of men, it is possible in the Church. A derivative of koinos, meaning, “common,” koinōnia can be experinced by Christians because we have a relationship with Jesus in common, which generates harmony, good will, and love among us.

Come enjoy Konōnia at FreeWay!